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Dwyane Wade Sr. and Patrick Reynolds are the founders of TAS.

Take a Stand is a talkshow and event media channel designed to bring the global audience backstage, in the ring, on the field, in the studio, and up close and personal with a multitude of talented, diverse, and inspiring individuals.

We started a project called Take A Stand Talk Show to give people who impact their community a voice.  After a series of random ideas of what the talk show should entail, we jumped in front of the camera and learned a lot about ourselves, the filming industry, and how important true relationships can be.  From the rave reviews of those who watched our first series as well as the people we were interviewing, we got excited about what we could do and how we could expand the project.  We have made new connections and have opened doors to tremendous new endeavors and we've understood in this journey that we have a great platform which can not only impact communities, but can connect people by making the global space become even smaller.  So here's to the future and what it brings!

We look forward to hearing from you.


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