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​“TAKE A LOOK AT TAKE A STAND, it will change your life for the better & you will really enjoy the process!”

David Frangioni, Owner of Audio One

​“Two words that demonstrate the meaning of Take A Stand; love & empowerment.”

David McKinney, Director of Programming at AT&T

​“I believe that Take A Stand has truly taken a stand in their efforts to highlight the great things people are doing. It's great to see a show that makes a difference.

​“In a world where convenience can be status quo, "Take a Stand" dares to think outside of the box and tackle social issues that both enlightens and challenges us to do better, be better, and seek greater....”

LJ Reynolds, Recording artist and owner/CEO of Motor City Hits - In partnership with Herbert Strather

Dinavon Bythwood, University of Miami 1991 Football National Champion - Grammy Nominated Music Producer and Entertainment Technology Executive

​“I believe Take A Stand is one of the best kept secrets. This show will empower you and keep you laughing all at the same time.”

Frank D. Murphy, Former NFL player, Life Coach, TV Show host, National Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author

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